How much does your dog cost each year

How much does your dog cost each year

You love your dog and you want to give him the best so that he will be in great shape as long as possible, while being mentally balanced. Assuming that you have made the choice to adopt your pet, we can assume that this is normal. For those of you who would like to have a dog in your family, but are held back by the expense of doing so, you should consider the following. Although this is an average, it gives a good idea of the cost of a dog per year. Of course, if you choose the extremes in size, in this case the Chihuahua and the Irish Greyhound, the difference in costs per year in euros is important. We will therefore base ourselves on a medium-sized dog of the Labrador, Collie, Border Collar, Boxer type, among others.

1- Cost of the dog per year for veterinary expenses: 150 € per year

Even if, as for humans, the health of some dogs is more fragile than for others, and also depending on the breed, some of which are reputed to be stronger than others, based on a dog of good constitution that has no particular or serious problems, we can easily say that it costs at least 130-150 € per year. This is an average compared to the life span of the dog, where the older it gets, the more care it needs, if only for scaling of its teeth, or pulling out a damaged tooth that can create an abscess. Also, all the classic care from deworming to antiparasitic treatment, including vaccination and microchip implantation (or tattooing if the dog does not leave the territory) have a cost, included in this average of 130-150 € per year. You may also want your dog, male or female, to be sterilized, and this surgery is not free either. And unfortunately, one day, following a broken leg, or a suspicious lump, your dog may have to undergo an operation at the veterinarian…

2- Health insurance : 200 € per year

Even if it is a paradox in France and in many European countries, since the expenses related to the dog are more important each year, the subscriptions to the canine health insurance remain very low. In other countries such as Sweden, 8 dogs out of 10 are covered, while in France it is barely 1 out of 10. However, it is a beautiful and relatively recent innovation which assures the master not to have to worry about a possible important problem. Because if you count a surgical operation plus a period of convalescence in the practice, you will be charged more than 1000 €, which is a considerable sum. Several packages are generally proposed, on the same principle as for humans, with a more or less important rate of coverage according to the value of the contribution paid each month or each year. By filling out a quote request on a comparator, you will have a quick idea of the price and care covered for your dog.

3- Food : 600 € per year

For this part concerning your dog’s food budget, it is difficult to make an estimate of the annual cost since the prices vary enormously in the trade for a packet of kibble of equivalent weight. Depending on their quality, like the quality of the food, or the household ration, and for a Labrador type dog, 50 € per month is the average price for a good quality food, without going to extremes and in organic food, very good but still expensive for the moment. We have already written an article on the cost of a dog’s food, which we invite you to consult in the “food” section. Indeed you will see among others a more precise table indicating the annual cost of the dog’s food according to the type of ration (household, wet, dry) and its weight.

So we can easily conclude that the cost of a dog per year remains a significant budget (we leave it to you to add up!), especially if you want to offer him sessions at the groomer or masseur for example, without forgetting the essential accessories (bowls, leash, mat, kennel, coat, etc. …) but be convinced that your pet will return it to you a hundredfold in love!


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