How to know if your dog is healthy

How do you know if your dog is healthy? – Just as a human being may be suffering from an illness without being aware of it, a dog in poor health does not necessarily show obvious symptoms of its physical ailment. However, detecting the first signs of a pathology is often essential to treat the animal appropriately. Follow our tips below to conduct a thorough examination of your dog, which you will repeat regularly, to ensure that your dog is in good health.

1- How to know if your dog is healthy ? Observe your dog’s behavior

Usually, your dog is in an almost constant good mood: he wags his tail happily when he sees you, gobbles his food without being asked and is always ready to play. Recently, however, you’ve noticed that he’s been lackadaisical or even moody; that he’s lost his appetite or, on the contrary, that he’s overly hungry…

A change in a dog’s behaviour is the first thing that should alert you. A dog that behaves abnormally or has a change in mood is most often a sign of illness or discomfort. Before making an appointment with the veterinarian, you can do some checks yourself.

2- Look your dog in the eye

Connected to the nervous and vascular systems of the dog, the eyes often say a lot about his health. A dull look, excess mucus or continuous tearing should alert you. Glaucoma, but also diabetes or even cancer, can be the cause, although unusual tearing can also be due to simple conjunctivitis. But it’s best to be vigilant and regularly check that the whites of your four-legged friend’s eyes are as clear and bright as usual.

3- Put your dog’s ear to the ground…

… and invite him to do the same. The inside of a dog’s ears can be a good indicator of his physiological well-being. The presence of an unusual discharge can indicate an ongoing ear infection, or any other ear condition that needs to be addressed quickly. Do you have a cocker spaniel or a poodle? Be particularly attentive: dogs with floppy or rather hairy ears are more sensitive than others to bacteria.

Clean ears are therefore an external sign of good health in dogs. A quick check of the condition of your dog’s ears is therefore a good way of finding out quickly if everything is okay. Above all, it is a preventive measure against ear diseases in dogs.

4- Brush your dog in the direction of the hair

Apart from moulting periods, which vary according to breed, a dog that is shedding its hair should alert you immediately. Likewise, a dull coat, punctuated by sparse areas, indicates the probable presence of parasites. However, don’t wait for your pet’s coat to send you distress signals before taking care of it. Brushing your dog’s coat regularly will not only please your dog, it will also remove dead hair and stimulate his blood circulation.

As a result, a fit dog is more likely to have a silky coat and smooth skin. Checking your dog’s coat also allows you to detect any dermatological problems as well.

5- Make your dog smile with all his teeth

As with humans, a dog’s teeth are a good indicator of its overall health. In particular, bad breath and inflamed gums are signs of periodontal disease, which, if not treated properly, can lead to tooth loss. Help your pet take care of its teeth and avoid excess tartar or plaque by giving it appropriate treats to chew on.

6- Feel your dog’s nose

Although a dry nose is not necessarily a sign of underlying disease (contrary to a common belief), you should be alarmed if your dog’s nose loses its usual moisture to the point of appearing chapped or cracked. Conversely, excessive nasal discharge or abnormal secretions are symptoms that should be taken seriously.

Thanks to these valuable tips that answer the question “How do I know if my dog is healthy?”, you can rest assured. When in doubt, take your dog’s temperature. You can do this rectally, using a simple electronic thermometer. If the thermometer shows a number between 38° and 39.2°, everything is normal. Below or above that, be sure to visit the veterinarian!

7- Keeping your dog healthy

Dogs are hardy pets that don’t often get sick. However, dogs can fall victim to an illness or an accident. As the owner, you must also make sure that you give your pet a varied and balanced diet. Also, it is important for a dog to get regular exercise. A good physical activity, a balanced diet and love will most often keep your dog in good shape.

By monitoring your dog’s behavior, it is possible to see if your dog is in good health. In fact, there are certain signs that can tell whether your puppy or dog is in good shape or not. These animals tend to change their behavior when something is wrong. In case of illness or pain, dogs often show some external signs: change of character, isolation, lack of appetite, …

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