Online veterinarian everything you need to know

Online veterinarian everything you need to know

Does your dog seem wobbly, or does he suddenly start dragging his leg? Should you be alarmed, or will a few simple treatments allow you to quickly solve the problem without having to take the animal to the vet? To find out, you have a quick, practical and inexpensive solution: use an online veterinary service! You will receive online veterinary advice from your home to be reassured about your pet’s health.

1- The online veterinarian, how does it work ?

As a pet owner, it is common to worry about your pet’s health. In this case, only a professional veterinarian can establish a diagnosis. To avoid going to a veterinary office, it is now possible to use an online veterinary advice service. Thus, you can contact a veterinarian online to perform a remote consultation.

It is a telephone service available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and entirely managed by professional veterinarians. Your little four-legged friend is unwell? At any time of the day or night, you get in touch with a veterinarian in three steps:

You insert the phone number you wish to be called.
Depending on the situation you are facing, you select the option “call back immediately” or “make an appointment”.
In the first case, keep an eye on your phone: you will be contacted in a very short time (a few minutes).
On some sites, you can create a personal space and ask your questions in writing. A professional veterinarian will answer you within two to twenty-four hours. Of course, do not use this solution if it is an emergency, but simply if you have doubts about the health of your dog.

Once you are on the phone with the veterinarian, all you have to do is describe the symptoms your dog is suffering from. Depending on the answers you give, this professional will adjust his diagnosis to give you his opinion.

There are three possible scenarios:

The dog’s symptoms are alarming, it’s an emergency: you contact the telephone service directly. If it turns out that it is indeed a pathology requiring special care, the professional you will have at the end of the phone will not be mistaken and will advise you to act accordingly – that is to say, most probably, to take your dog to the nearest veterinary clinic without delay.
Nothing to worry about, but you have the impression that your dog is not feeling well and, to be sure, you contact the online veterinary service. In the end, no veterinary visit is necessary, just a few treatments that can easily be done at home: putting the dog on a diet, massaging him, getting rid of his parasites…
Your dog is fine, but you are wondering about some of his behaviors about which you would like to get a professional opinion. Since there is no rush, you can make an appointment on the day and in the time slot of your choice to be contacted by a veterinarian who will be able to answer your questions.

2- What questions will the online veterinarian ask me ?

Over the phone, it is not always easy to get an accurate picture of a dog’s health. In order to understand the situation you are facing and to give you useful advice, the veterinarian will ask you some questions:

First, the breed, sex and age of your pooch.
The symptoms that lead you to consult online.
Their possible causes (for example, if the dog shows signs of stomach pain, you will need to review the food ingested in the last 48 hours, consider the possibility that the animal may have been fed by a third party or may have come across a poisoned pellet, etc.).

The more precise your answers, the better your professional will be able to form a clear picture of the situation and give you good advice. So, even if your little four-legged friend is in a lot of pain and you are panicking, take a deep breath and make sure you give your phone contact clear and detailed information.

3- What symptoms may lead me to consult a veterinarian online ?

There are two kinds of symptoms that may justify the use of an internet or phone vet service:

Unusual behavior of the dog, which sends you signals of its malaise: a drop in tone unexpectedly, fever, a refusal to get up or go out, bleeding…
Difficulties of a general nature, but encountered on a daily basis (a dog that barks too much or too often, that does not obey you, that is aggressive with his fellow dogs…) or doubts about the care you give him (food, sleep, physical exercise…).
In short, anything that gets in the way of your dog’s well-being justifies the need for appropriate veterinary advice! If you have any doubts about your dog’s health, if he seems sick or injured, it is important to consult a traditional or online veterinarian quickly.

4- So it’s a veterinary consultation, but by phone ?

No, not exactly. When you contact a veterinarian online, you get advice on how to deal with your dog, but it is not a proper veterinary consultation. Indeed, French law forbids health professionals – whether for humans or animals – to practice remote consultations.

Therefore, no real diagnosis can be given over the phone, nor can a medical prescription be made. The online veterinarian you consult will not tell you “your dog has the flu, you must give him such and such a medicine”.

On the other hand, he will be able to put a precise name on the symptoms you describe and, above all, advise you to show the animal to a professional or not: “your dog has flu symptoms, it is better to take him to the vet”. And if it’s dark and it’s impossible for the moment, he will know how to tell you what to do yourself in the meantime, in order to help the animal to wait and to relieve his pain as much as possible.

Therefore, when you contact a veterinarian online, there is no need to insist on obtaining a certainty on the pathology your dog is probably affected by or on the treatment to give him. On the other hand, if the advice you receive does not seem clear to you, do not hesitate to express your doubts and ask all the questions that come to your mind, because this is the right time to do it!

5- Why use an online veterinarian ?

More and more owners decide to contact a veterinarian online. Whether it’s for the convenience or the speed, this online consultation suits both the health professional and the dog owner. But why do so many owners choose to go online instead of visiting a veterinary clinic? Here are at least three reasons why you should use an online veterinarian!

1. You get good advice

First of all, contacting a veterinarian by phone will allow you to get quality veterinary advice at any time of the day or night! Wherever you are and whatever is happening to your doggie, you are not alone. In real time, a professional will talk to you and help you provide the care your dog needs. No matter what the symptoms are, or how severe they are.

Are you trying to wean a litter of puppies and having trouble? Are your dog’s eyes watering and you fear conjunctivitis? Is your little friend shedding unusually? There are many behaviors of our pets that worry and confuse us, but not all of them justify a visit to the vet! Especially if, with a simple phone call, you can obtain precious information that will allow you to put a precise finger on the problem and thus, in one way or another, to remedy it…

2. You deal with the most pressing issues

Secondly, by having the possibility to quickly get in touch with a veterinarian by phone when you don’t necessarily have the time, or the possibility, to take your car and go to the professional closest to your home, you can take care of the most urgent needs. If it turns out that a veterinary visit is still unavoidable, you just have to make your arrangements accordingly. But in the meantime, listening to you and giving you good advice, the online veterinarian avoids you to feel helpless in a delicate or simply worrying situation.

3. You save on the price of the consultation

Did you know that, according to recent statistics, 80% of veterinary consultations could be avoided? This means that, three quarters of the time, you spend the price of a visit unnecessarily, when you could solve the problem not only without leaving your home, but especially at a lower cost! This is why it is often worthwhile to talk to an online veterinarian before making an appointment with your regular veterinarian, if only to ask his opinion on the usefulness, or not, of a consultation…

Of course, consulting an online veterinarian is not free, but it is much cheaper than a real visit to your regular veterinarian! On average, you will spend about 15 euros, which means that you will save more than half the price of a basic veterinary consultation (about 50 euros).

Whether it’s for veterinary emergencies or to get an answer to your questions about your dog’s or cat’s education, feeding, reactions or even actions, online veterinarians are there to help you take care of your little pet as often as necessary!

In short, these veterinary teleconsulting platforms allow you to have an opinion on your pet’s health without having to go anywhere. You can thus be put in touch with a qualified veterinarian who will establish a health check-up of your pet at a distance. It is necessary to count on average between 15€ for an online consultation on IllicoVeto for example. This is much lower than the price of a traditional veterinarian, especially for an emergency consultation or on weekends.

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