Price of hospitalization at the veterinarian

Price of hospitalization at the veterinarian

When your dog goes to the vet, the last thing on your mind is how much it will cost to treat him. But the fact is, this can be a very expensive procedure and the bill can quickly mount up.

Knowing the cost of veterinary hospitalization for your dog is helpful to all owners who want to be prepared for this eventuality in order to be able to care for their pet.

1- In what cases can a dog be hospitalized at the veterinarian’s ?

Like simple veterinary clinics, some institutes are real hospitals for animals where the most complex cases are treated. The hospitalization of your dog is not trivial. For most of your dog’s routine care, the visit to the clinic will be quick. But some canine illnesses require that the animal be kept under observation.

Hospitalization allows veterinarians to have a constant eye on the animal in order to administer care, often intravenous, and to act quickly when a complication occurs. The length of the dog’s stay depends on the severity of the disease and the amount of care required to treat it.

When a dog has an inpatient stay at the veterinarian’s office, it is for complex or serious illnesses and procedures such as :

Intensive post-operative care
Complications from surgery
Cancer or tumor
Orthopedic care
Regular administration of medication
General anesthesia
Severe poisoning
Tetanus in dogs
Renal failure
Severe digestive disorders
Soft tissue surgery
Oxygen therapy
Tooth extraction

In short, there are many reasons why your dog may need to be hospitalized. All cases are different and even the most benign procedure has risks of complications that may require the veterinarian to keep the animal under observation for a night or several days.

Also, the length of stay varies both according to the disease and how the dog responds to treatment. Sometimes the expected time frame is shortened when the dog has recovered quickly from treatment and, conversely, the stay can also be extended.

2- Price factors for a night or a stay at the veterinarian

In the animal medical field, there is no regulation that sets the prices of veterinary interventions. Each veterinarian is free to charge the prices he/she wishes, which explains the difference observed from one clinic to another. Thus, when the hospitalization is not an emergency, we advise owners to get quotes from several practitioners.

Many factors influence the prices charged by veterinarians. The first one is the location and the reputation of the clinic. A small country veterinarian will, in most cases, have more competitive prices than the best clinic in the area.

The medical equipment that the clinic has and its specializations are other factors of the price. Not all clinics have the quality and equipment to treat certain cases. Thus, hospitalization of a complex animal will cost more because the resources required, namely equipment and specialized veterinarians, are more expensive.

How much does it cost on average to hospitalize your dog at the veterinarian?

The prices of a hospitalization of his at the veterinarian are as varied as the causes of the said hospitalization. It is difficult to evaluate a fixed amount for each intervention because it varies from one case to another. For the same intervention, the means deployed can be different depending on many criteria.

To give you an idea of the average budget for a hospitalization at the veterinarian’s, we provide you with a list of the most common rates. Please note that these rates include only the intervention mentioned, fees may be added by combining all interventions.

Day of hospitalization :

Rate for a hospitalization for a dog: 50 to 70€ per 24h
Price of a night at the vet for a dog: 50€ to 100€.
Average rates for routine care during a dog’s hospitalization:

Perfusion : 34€ per day
Intensive care: 50€ to 150€ depending on the duration
Daily care (administration of medication, hygiene, etc.): 5€ to 15€.
General anesthesia for small dogs: 50
General anesthesia for medium dogs: 75€.
General anesthesia for large dogs: 85€.
Tranquilizer: 25€.
Average rate for the main hospitalization procedures for a dog:

Digestive endoscopy: 300€ to 700€.
Fracture : between 500€ and 1000€.
Cruciate ligament : between 600€ and 1300€ depending on the complexity
Patella dislocation: between 500€ and 750€.
Hip dislocation: between 500€ and 800€.
Amputation: 350€ to 460€.
Abscess extraction surgery: 60€.
Cesarean section for dogs: 350€ to 480€.
Gastrotomy: 450€.
Inguinal hernia : between 280€ and 450€ depending on the size of the dog
Tooth extraction (1 tooth) : 55
Complete dental extraction: 300€ to 350€.
Stomach torsion: 450€ to 550€.
Mammary tumor: between 500€ and 600€.
Radiotherapy: 1200€ to 1500€.

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