Price of scaling for dogs

Dogs have 42 teeth spread over their jaws. The dog’s dentition allows it to eat all types of food, including kibble, raw meat and even chew bones. However, the dog can be a victim of problems in case of bad oral hygiene: tartar, cavities or gingivitis. Tartar removal is highly recommended to ensure the good health of the dog.

The formation of tartar is indeed almost inevitable in this animal which cannot clean its teeth alone. Unfortunately, the presence of tartar can have serious consequences on his health. In addition to bad breath, tartar can also cause dental pain and, if left untreated, lead to infections and ultimately heart problems. Want to descale your pet? Find out how much dog scaling costs today.

1- The price of scaling for dogs: criteria to take into account

There is no fixed price for scaling a dog. The price will vary between 50 € and 300 € depending on certain criteria such as

* The place where the scaling will be done.
* The size of the dog to be descaled.
* The list of treatments included in the scaling.

2- The price of scaling according to the center

One thing you should know: veterinary care providers are free to set the cost of their services. The larger and better equipped the center you choose, the more expensive the bill may be.

From the cheapest to the most expensive option, you can have your dog scaled:

* In a veterinary office.
* In a veterinary clinic.
* In a veterinary hospital.

3- The price of scaling for dogs according to their size

The price for scaling your dog will also vary according to its size. The reason is simple: the procedure must often be done under general anesthesia. And the bigger your dog is, the more anesthesia he will need during the procedure.

* For a dog weighing less than 10 kg, the cost of scaling can vary between 50 € and 150 €, including anesthesia.
* For a dog weighing more than 10 kg, the cost of scaling can vary between 150 € and 200 €, anesthesia included.
* For a dog weighing more than 30 kg, the cost of scaling can go up to 300 €, anesthesia included.

4- The price of scaling according to the care and treatments included

You should also know that scaling does not consist of the procedure itself. In order to be able to perform it, your dog will have to undergo some analyses beforehand, receive care during the operation, and also receive care and treatment afterwards. This explains the often high cost of this type of surgery. The more care that is offered, and therefore the more complete, the higher the price is likely to be.

The price for your dog’s scaling should generally include :

* A blood test before the procedure
* General anesthesia during the operation
* The scaling itself
* Carnivore extraction if necessary
* Antibiotics after the operation

Good to know :

The price of dog scaling can also vary from region to region. Indeed, veterinarians and other animal health professionals do not charge the same rates from one region to another. As a result, the cost of scaling your dog’s teeth depends directly on the veterinarian but also on the region. It is therefore worthwhile to compare the fees of several veterinarians before choosing one for your puppy or dog.

5- Is scaling covered by insurance ?

Dog scaling is considered a preventive and not a curative treatment. Therefore, it is not covered by insurance if your pet is insured. On the other hand, if you have a health insurance policy, ask your insurance company for information.

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