Sniffer dog for removable storage devices

Sniffer dog for removable storage devices

Mostly in England, dogs are trained to sniff out removable storage devices. But what exactly is this? In fact the removable storage device sniffer dog has the ability thanks to its super sniff to find external hard drives, USB keys, SD cards, and this kind of products that allow to store data (texts, pictures, videos), and it works!

1- The sniffer dog active in all areas

Everyone knows the dogs used by customs to track vehicles, luggage, in order to possibly find drugs, firearms, rhinoceros and elephant tusks, etc. There are also dogs used by laboratories that use their powerful sense of smell to track specific diseases (read this interesting article on dogs that detect cancer). And faced with the rise of technology, the British (and American also within the FBI) has created a cell to fight against technophile crime.

2- The removable storage device sniffer dog

Although this special unit is still in the testing phase, it has been able to find camouflaged USB keys and SD cards that human police officers would never have found otherwise, thanks to its removable storage device sniffing dogs. Serving as evidence, these devices have been used to bring more than 50 criminal cases to trial. Incredible and yet true! This is a new step in the fight against cybercrime, and essential to track down industrial spies, pedophiles, and other thugs!

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